Inspired by Nature Proven by Science

Inspired by Nature Proven by Science

Available early February 2014, Dr Cham released his second book titled, “Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science” The new generation cancer treatment that causes cancer cells to commit suicide.

A continuation and demonstration of progress made since the publication of his previous book, “The Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment for Skin Cancer and New Hope for Other Cancers from Nature’s Pharmacy”

“I have been encouraged to write a second book in a form that the lay person could understand the new developments, furthermore, there is more emphasis on internal cancers and further work on skin cancers carried out throughout the world.” Dr. Bill Cham

With the release of this new book, you will read, and be shown by illustrations, how effective the active ingredient, BEC, extracted from the Devil’s Apple or Eggplant can cure terminal cancers in animals. Injections of BEC straight in the vein (i.v. administration) of patients with terminal tumours resulted in many positive effects. Direct injections of BEC into tumours (intralesion injections) in man and animals eliminated melanomas, brain tumours and other very large tumours of up to 0.5kg.

The book also describes BEC in special formulated tablets, when taken orally showed promising results in patients with secondary endometrial cancer to the lung, pancreatic cancer and metastatic melanoma.

A unique case is presented that gives a direct comparison of surgical treatment and CuradermBEC5 therapy in a patient with skin cancers on the head.

The book also contains a photo gallery section of CuradermBEC5 treated skin cancer patients.

As a company who strives to distribute CuradermBEC5 to the public and help people from the entire world rid themselves and their close family and friends of various forms of cancer, we are providing an outlet to purchase this book online.

This book consists of 265 pages and contains 479 illustrations.